Prefab marble or granite countertops are a cost effective way to revamp your new or existing kitchen or bathroom. Prefab marble and granite countertops are usually sourced from Europe, Asia, and Latin America and then sent overseas and fabricated in China or Brazil. Unlike custom granite slabs that have to be fabricated on-site, prefab granite countertops and prefab marble countertops are cut into standard countertop sizes with the edges already finished at the factory. This process saves the consumer time and money as it cuts installation time and costs by half.


Granite fabrication is both a time-consuming and costly process. Prefab marble and granite countertops are a preferred option for both convenience and cost savings. There are three principal money saving benefits to using prefab marble and granite countertops.

First, there is less material wastage as compared to full-size granite slabs. When granite countertops are fabricated they are typically cut from large full-size slabs. The downfall is that the customer is charged for the entire slab, even if only a small portion is used. Prefab marble and granite countertops are pre-cut to fit standard base cabinets and only need to be cut to length. This translates into significant cost savings in material purchased.

The second benefit to using granite countertops is reduced finishing costs. Granite slabs not only need to be cut to size, but the edges will also need to be finished by a fabricator. Prefab marble and granite countertops are already pre-finished with either a full bull-nosed or flat eased edge. This means fabrication costs are generally limited to cutting the countertops to fit the cabinets and any additional cutouts for sinks, cooktops, etc.

Lastly, prefab countertops are bought in much larger quantities than granite slabs. This gives the prefab granite supplier the advantage of passing on the cost savings to the consumer.


Prefab granite can easily be ordered and shipped to any location. Prefab granite is easier to handle than full-size slabs, a standard prefab countertop (96" x 26") weighs roughly 200 lbs and can lifted by 2-3 strong people, versus slabs which require heavy machinery. Stone companies ship prefab granite in crates via motor freight companies such as UPS Freight. Always order a sample first to ensure the granite you receive is the color you want.


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Common Granite Colors

Absolute Black Granite
Also known as: Nero Black, JetBlack, Indian Black
Almond Mauve Granite
Baltic Brown Granite
Also known as: Baltic Rain, Bruno Baltico
Black Galaxy Granite
Also known as: Star Galaxy
Blue Butterfly Granite
Blue Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite
Giallo Fiorito Granite
Giallo Veneziano Granite
Green Galaxy Granite
Also known as: Seaweed Galaxy
Harbor Stone Granite
Kashmir Gold Granite
Kashmir White Granite
Majestic Gray Granite
Mint Brown Granite
Also known as: G664, Misty Brown
Paradiso Granite
Pepper White Granite
Royal Salmon Light Granite
Salt and Pepper Granite
Santa Cecilia Granite
Tan Brown Granite
Also known as: Chestnut Brown, Cranberry Brown
Tiger Skin Granite
Tropical Brown Granite
Also known as: Tropic Taz
Verde Butterfly Granite
Also known as: Butterfly Green
Verde Uba Tuba Granite
Also known as: Green Uba Tuba
Yellow Fantasy Granite
Also known as: G682, Desert Gold, Golden Garnet, Golden Yellow, Golden Peach, Yellow Star